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Host at Rivendell

Host at Rivendell


An Oasis of Golf

An Oasis of Golf

Set in the Canadian Shield just north of Verona Ontario.



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hole 1 photo

PAR 4 Blue 355 White 335 Gold 293 Red 293

A creek cuts through the fairway 245 yards away from the tee forcing the golfer to lay up with a fairway wood or iron. To the right of the fairway there is a large pond and a second pond is to the left across the creek. This hole is a good test of skill right out of the gate.



hole 2 photo

PAR 3 Blue 167 White 157 Gold 157 Red 135

A short uphill par 3 with a rolling green and some tough pin positions.



hole 3 photo

PAR 4 Blue 390 White 359 Gold 307 Red 307

A dog leg left around a hill with forest to the right and long grass and trees to the left. The rolling green is protected by tall pine trees.



hole 4 photo

PAR 3 Blue 172 White 153 Gold 153 Red 145

This hole is a straight par 3 with severe slopes for anyone who misses the green left or right. Par is tough to come by if the tee shot is on the slope



hole 5 photo

PAR 4 Blue 402 White 383 Gold 332 Red 332

"The Bell Hole" starts with a blind tee shot down a hill or a safe layup to the 200 yard marker at the top of the hill. A large sloped hill with long grass and trees to the left and trees mixed with rocks to the right give this hole the ranking of hardest hole on the course.



hole 6 photo

PAR 5 Blue 498 White 479 Gold 460 Red 367

A dog leg right around two large trees. If the tee shot is missed left there is a forest to contend with and if missed right there is long grass. The green is reachable in 2 but a good drive is a must due to the pond that guards the front of the green.



hole 7 photo

PAR 5 Blue 491 White 464 Gold 464 Red 420

A dog leg right with pine trees lining either side of the hole. There are four fairway bunkers limiting the short cut of the dog leg.



hole 7 photo

PAR 4 Blue 340 White 333 Gold 333 Red 303

A creek defends against the long ball cutting across the fairway at 270 yards out. There are pine trees protecting against the right side and a pond short and to the right of the green.



hole 9 photo

PAR 4 Blue 363 White 356 Gold 285 Red 285

Water cuts through the fairway twice, first just off the tee and second just before the green. The same creek follows the left side of the fairway and then by the right side of the green.


HOLE #10

hole 10 photo

PAR 4 Blue 372 White 352 Gold 352 Red 322

This hole runs along the highway. The right side is out of bounds and the left is guarded by pine trees. Leave the ball below the hole for putting and scoring is accessible.


HOLE #11

hole 11 photo

PAR 4 / Blue Tees: 400 / White Tees: 395 / Red Tees: 338

PAR 4 Blue 400 White 395 Gold 338 Red 338

Dog leg right. This hole is ranked the second hardest of the course. Out of bounds to the right and if a drive is long enough it is possible to carry the creek at the dog leg. There is an uphill approach to a very shallow and fast green.


HOLE #12

hole 12 photo

PAR 3 Blue 170 White 161 Gold 161 Red 125

The signature hole. Forest surrounds the entire hole up to a bowl shaped, fast, and sloped green. Hope for a 2-putt if a shot is put above the hole, the ball can take off in a hurry.


HOLE #13

hole13 photo

PAR 4 Blue 395 White 372 Gold 328 Red 328

Dog leg left with forest covering the right side and the back of the green. The 2-tiered green forces you to make a good putt.


HOLE #14

hole 14 photo

PAR 3 Blue 173 White 157 Gold 157 Red 143

Forest down the right side with two bunkers on either side of the green. A spine runs down the middle of the green making cross-green putts difficult.


HOLE #15

hole 15 photo

PAR 4 Blue 391 White 384 Gold 342 Red 342

Dog leg left. Teeing off to a fairway well below with out of bounds to the right and a pond to the left which stretches out across the fairway at 100 yards from the green. A bunker guards the green across the front.


HOLE #16

hole 16 photo

PAR 4 Blue 355 White 343 Gold 312 Red 312

Turns right at the 100 yard marker. Trees line the right side leading uphill to a shallow green with out of bounds behind it.


HOLE #17

hole 17 photo

PAR 4 Blue 349 White335 Gold 290 Red 290

Forest runs down the entire left side, a creek cuts out across the fairway at 185 yards off the tee. The green is a deep green with subtle breaks and out of bounds behind it.


HOLE #18

hole 18 photo

PAR 5 Blue 465 White 445 Gold 445 Red 390

Three ponds and one creek to contend with. Dog leg right around the first pond, 215 yards to carry the pond and 270 yards to the pond on the other side of the fairway. The lay up shot must be left due to another large pond on the right. A creek runs just infront of the green demanding a well placed drive to go for the green in two.

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7359 Hwy 38 Verona Ontario
Canada K0H 2W0